The article describes a meeting between a Vietnamese minister and a delegation of German businesses. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss bilateral cooperation and explore potential investment opportunities in Vietnam. The minister expressed openness to collaborations and highlighted the country's favorable business environment and attractive investment policies.
In the photo, Former Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc can be seen inviting a group of delegates to a meeting. The delegates in attendance include Mathias Schönknecht, Toan Nguyen, Rauf Aliyev, andAndreas Müller. The meeting was facilitated by former German Vice-Chancellor Philipp Rössler and resulted in a significant investment of US$350 million into Vietnam.
The photo shows a meeting attended by a group of delegates, including Mathias Schönknecht, Toan Nguyen, Rauf Aliyev, Martin Busch, and Marcel Ceglarek. The meeting was hosted by President of Asienbrücke and former Federal Minister of Transportation and Digitalization, Andreas Scheuer, and focused on the topic of automotive and green sustainable infrastructure. The image highlights the collaborative efforts of the group towards achieving sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions for the automotive industry.